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Using the contents of Järviwiki

Texts published in Järviwiki may be used according to the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence. Under the terms of this licence, you may copy, edit and distribute text even for commercial purposes, as long as the original source is mentioned.

In practice this means that if you use Järviwiki texts, you must always cite Järviwiki as their source. In addition, please also name the original author(s) of the article in question, unless they are too numerous to mention or their names are unknown. If many or anonymous authors are in question, please include a link to the original Järviwiki page, if possible.

The licence mentioned above covers all textual and numeric content. In the case of photographs or other file content, different licences may apply.

Please also note that the licence does not extend to the contents of the Fish atlas provided by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGRI) for Järviwiki’s exclusive use. More information on this database is available from the FGFRI.

Using Järviwiki images

Photographs and other file content may be published in Järviwiki, under the terms of various licences or other publishing rights. The applicable publishing right is mentioned on the description page of the file.

If, for some reason, no licence or other publishing rights are stated, this does not imply that the work is copyright-free.

Using contents imported from other services

The use of content imported from third party services, such as Google Maps or YouTube, is governed by the applicable publishing rights.

Entering information into Järviwiki

By entering textual or numeric content into Järviwiki, you agree to its publication under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence. This licence was chosen in order to make the content as widely available as possible – to benefit Finnish waters. Be prepared to see your texts modified radically and used in different contexts.

Please also remember that your name will be mentioned in the source information if the contents are used elsewhere. If you do not wish your name to be made public, we advise you to write only under your Järviwiki user name.

Only publish texts that you have written yourself, or that you know are available for publication under the terms of the above-mentioned licence. Remember that you are always responsible for the legitimacy of the texts you submit.

Publishing photos in Järviwiki

When publishing photos and other files in Järviwiki, you have a choice of different licences and publishing rights at your disposal. Choose the one that best suits your purposes, from the drop-down list on the upload page. A short explanation of each alternative will appear under the list as you browse through the alternatives.

When publishing your own photos or other works in Järviwiki, you may freely choose from these, and add specific terms to the Summary field above the drop-down list, as needed. If you upload a work that was created by somebody else, you must verify that its publication on Järviwiki is legitimate and that the licence you choose for it either corresponds to its original publishing rights or has been approved by the copyright owner.

Copyright infringements

If you notice a copyright infringement in Järviwiki, please report it to the site administrators. You can reach them through the discussion tab of SYKE's user page, or using the feedback of the www.environment.fi web service.