Järviwiki:Privacy policy

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This page describes Järviwiki's privacy policy.

Browsing Järviwiki

If you are simply reading Järviwiki, no information about you will be stored, apart from the normal server log data for web services.

When you register

When you register your user account, your e-mail address will be stored. This is needed to verify that you are a real person, and facilitates the automatic restoration of your password if you lose it. Your e-mail address will not be published anywhere in the service.

Any additional information is optional. None of your information will be disclosed to third parties or used for marketing purposes.

In the preferences for your user account, you will find the option of allowing e-mails to be sent to your address. If you enable this, other users will be able to send you messages through Järviwiki. In such a case, the sender will be unable to see your e-mail address. However, if you send a message through Järviwiki, your address will be shown in the From field.

If you enter your real name in Järviwiki, it will be shown in the author lists of the pages you edit. Otherwise, your user name is shown instead.

When you edit Järviwiki

When you edit a page, you will be mentioned in its list of authors either by your Järviwiki user name or, if you have so specified in your user preferences, by your real name.

Remember that you are responsible for everything you submit to Järviwiki. If you write something, expect it to be stored permanently. Even if text is deleted from a page, it remains archived for public viewing in the History section of that page.


Each time you visit Järviwiki, a temporary session cookie is stored in your browser. Your browser may reject the cookie, but please note that cookies must be enabled if you want to log in to the site. The cookie will be deleted when you exit the browser.

Upon login, you will be asked if you want Järviwiki to remember your user credentials. If you choose Yes, additional cookies will be offered to your browser. These will be stored for up to 30 days. It is therefore important that you clear your cookie history at the end of the session, if you are using a public computer.


Choose a password that is difficult to guess and keep it secret. If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one by clicking "E-mail new password" on the login page.