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This page contains the rules for using Järviwiki. The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) is responsible for the terms of use, which are intended to ensure the high quality and objectivity of the published content. Failure to comply with the terms may result in discontinuation of the user account. The terms and possible changes to them can be discussed on the Discussion tab of this page.

The Järviwiki administrators reserve the right to change, edit, amend or remove parts of the terms of use at any given time.

By registering your user account, you agree to comply with the Järviwiki rules, which are governed by Finnish law. The Helsinki District Court shall be the Court of First Instance for any disputes arising from these terms of use.

User credentials and registering

Anyone may use Järviwiki, but editing its content requires prior registration. Any person owning a valid e-mail address may create a Järviwiki user account.

The user name is always personal, with the exception of authority credentials, which are used to feed Järviwiki with information from various authorities' databases.

You may write under your own name or under your Järviwiki user name, whichever you prefer. The name will be displayed as specified in your user preferences and appear together with each edit you make. It is forbidden to contribute under another person's name or use multiple user names.

User groups

Järviwiki has four user groups. Membership depends on status and expertise: The basic status assigned to new members upon registering and confirming their registration is "User".

The rank "Experienced User" requires at least half a year’s membership and 100 edits. User status is upgraded automatically.

The rank "Expert" is reserved for individuals schooled in observation methods, and for other water experts.

User IDs for entering official information into Järviwiki are grouped under the label "Authority".


The textual content of Järviwiki is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. By adding content to Järviwiki, you agree that it may be modified and shared by others, according to the provisions of this licence.

If you copy text from other sources to Järviwiki, you must verify that it is available for use under the terms of said licence.

You are free to edit and publish Järviwiki texts in any third party context, provided that you cite Järviwiki as their source and, as far as possible, include a link to the original page.

The licence mentioned above applies only to Järviwiki's textual content, including text and number information entered into forms, for example observation data, events and object descriptions. Additional licences apply to files stored in Järviwiki, such as photographs. The licence does not extend to the contents of the Fish Atlas database provided by the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FGFRI) to Järviwiki for exclusive use. More information on this database is available from the FGFRI.

The use of Google Maps, YouTube videos and other third party content is governed by the applicable licences.

Entering information

Järviwiki is not pre-moderated. Please verify that all content you enter complies with the law and standards of good taste.

Do not post anything insulting, hateful, racist or otherwise unlawful or unethical. Järviwiki is meant for everyone interested in our lakes and rivers – including children. Please bear this in mind when formulating content.

The Järviwiki administrators will try to remove or edit any questionable content as soon as possible. However, responsibility for texts and modifications always rests with the writer.

Järviwiki was created with the aim of sharing information on Finland's lakes, raising awareness for and promoting the protection of our waters – in a spirit of togetherness. The emphasis is on a positive, solution-oriented, non-judgemental approach. Please be supportive, constructive and helpful towards other Järviwiki users.

Threatened species

Do not enter precise location information on endangered species into Järviwiki, as this may lead to wilful disturbance or destruction. In particular, this concerns large birds of prey and wild flowers.


You may enter object and event descriptions related to fee-based services and events, but actual commercial advertising is forbidden. For example, product marketing, price information and offers are not allowed in Järviwiki. However, you may include a link leading to further information, when formulating information about a location or an event.

Protected information

Some of the data entered by authorities and experts is protected from editing, in order to ensure the accuracy of the information. This protection is usually mentioned on the page in question. If you notice an error in a read-only text, please report it on the discussion tab of that page, or in the general discussion forum.

In addition, every user may protect his or her own pages. The feature is mainly designed for observation sites.

Hacking protected pages, as well as any attempt to do so, is prohibited.


Neither the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) nor any other organisation or individual involved with Järviwiki guarantees the correctness of the information entered herein. Järviwiki is a freely editable, community-based web service. Any person registered with the service is entitled to modify large parts of the Järviwiki pages and to add new information.

Changes made to Järviwiki are not pre-moderated.

While all efforts are made to correct inaccurate information, nobody is obliged to make such corrections and no guarantees are given as to the correctness of the information found in Järviwiki, or its suitability for any given purpose.

Under no circumstances does SYKE assume any liability for direct or indirect damage suffered by users or third parties for reasons including, but not limited to, errors or deficiencies in Järviwiki's contents, the use of Järviwiki or the information contained therein, interruptions to the Järviwiki service, changes to the content of Järviwiki, or the discontinuation of Järviwiki.

Likewise, SYKE assumes no liability for claims for damages or other compensation resulting from copyright breaches or infringements manifest in content uploaded to Järviwiki. Responsibility for ensuring that the content posted to Järviwiki does not infringe upon anybody's copyright lies solely with the user posting the content.

The information contained in Järviwiki is offered to users free of charge. Järviwiki may contain brand names or other protected intellectual property. Any such content is the property of its respective owner. Its use in Järviwiki does not entitle you or anybody else to use it in any other context.

Järviwiki's informative content has been stored in Finland, whose constitution grants freedom of speech to all. Järviwiki assumes no liability for the legal consequences if you use the service in another country, where the information found in Järviwiki is in conflict with national law.